Today (Friday, 7 July 2017) was the hardest day I’ve experienced during all my travels. After an emotional goodbye at the airport to my father who I only see every few years (sometimes less) I received a call from my mother that Phoebe, our family dog and mother of my dog (Junior) was being put down after a mysterious illness or toxin left her paralysed and eventually unable to breathe on her own. My heart broke and I suddenly realised how alone I was and would be for the next 6 or so weeks of my journey overseas. All I really needed was a hug and someone to tell me everything was going to be ok. My heart broke for Phoebe, the sweetest, most kind dog I’ve ever met, my heart broke for her dog husband Sam (they’ve been together practically their whole lives, have had two litters together and snuggle every night together despite having their own beds) and my heart broke for my mum. I felt guilty for not being there to say goodbye and support my mum and family. But most of all, I felt alone in my grief. I love animals, maybe even more than humans. Dogs have a loyalty and unconditional love that is rare to find in humans. Phoebe was the kind of dog you would get annoyed at because she was never satisfied with a few pats, she loved affection and she loved humans. She was loyal, well behaved, protected her babies and, loved to snuggle (and eat). Phoebe may have been a dog, but she was part of our family.  Being alone in my grief all day I realised a few things,

  1. It doesn’t matter how successful, rich or beautiful you are in life, tragedy and heartbreak is inevitable and touches everyone in their lifetime so always stay humble.
  2. Life really is short and precious and in day to day life we forget this but no one knows what life has in store so do one thing every day that makes you happy and try not to sweat the small stuff.
  3. No matter how sad you are and how much your heart is breaking, you can’t stay sad forever. It’s exhausting. Let yourself grieve but know that there is nothing you can do to change what has happened and letting yourself be consumed with grief will not change anything. Life goes on and time never stops.

Rest in Peace beautiful Phoebe, you were very much loved and will always be remembered for your loyalty and sweetness.